DHSS Patient/Caregiver Notice

UPDATED | October 22, 2020 | 1:52 pm

Upon receiving a customer complaint about a specific strain of medical marijuana, we worked directly with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior services as they conducted a full investigation. The investigation included re-testing of the unit in question, as well as samples from the harvest batch. The results of the re-testing were consistent with the state-required testing that took place prior to sale. DHSS has confirmed the LSD marijuana flower meets all state testing requirements and is safe for patient use.

In this particular instance, the statewide track and trace system and our internal safety protocols allowed for a swift response to this potential issue. We will continue to take all patient concerns seriously as part of our commitment to providing patients with safe, secure and reliable access to medical marijuana.

Over the past week, it has been an honor and privilege to serve hundreds of medical marijuana patients in our Manchester and Ellisville stores. LSD marijuana flower will be available at both locations while supplies last. Hearing patient stories about how this medicine improves their health has been inspiring and reaffirms that the health and wellbeing of our patients is N’Bliss’ number one priority now and always.

“To all current and future patients, we take your health and access to legal, tested, and approved medical marijuana very seriously. By following all patient safety procedures at our dispensaries, while working closely with the state licensed cultivator, state licensed testing lab, and the DHSS, we are encouraged to see there is no concern around the strain in question and that the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program is working for the patients.”

— Bradford Goette CEO/Managing Partner N’Bliss

Patient Inquiries
N’Bliss – Manchester: 314-627-2499
N’Bliss – Ellisville: 314-627-2699

Media Inquiries
For any media inquiries please contact: Rebecca Reardon.

Notice from DHSS

From: DHSS Medical Marijuana INFO
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2020 1:28 PM
Subject: Update: Notice of Safety Complaint – Medical Marijuana Product Purchased Last Weekend

We are pleased to report we have concluded our investigation into the complaint regarding LSD Flower (Batch ID 1A40CD100000001000000314 and 1A40CD100000001000000309) and found no evidence that this batch of product presents a health and safety concern. With the cooperation of our licensees, we have retested new samples of the batch and even tested the product that was returned to us from the patient who submitted the complaint. First, we did visually confirm a small amount of mold in that product. Specifically, approximately 150mg of the 3.5g product was affected. However, testing results for this product and for the new samples of the batch all fell well within acceptable limits for the relevant tests (microbial screening, including mycotoxin concentration), and these results confirm the original testing conclusions for this batch. In other words, even the product with a small amount mold did not contain contaminants known to affect the health and safety of patients. Missouri has one of the most stringent testing regimens in the country and has followed best practices in selecting the tests that medical marijuana must pass. You can be assured that, when a batch passes not one, but two, rounds of testing, it is a quality product. The product will not be recalled.

As with any natural product, and as is common in other regulated marijuana states, there will be isolated instances of mold in medical marijuana. Similar to instances of mold in grocery products, isolated instances do not necessarily indicate a widespread contamination or health risk in the product batch. However, unlike mold in grocery products, we must take every instance of mold growth in medical marijuana very seriously and will continue to investigate any claim of mold growth or other product safety issues in order to keep Missouri’s patients safe. For that reason, we encourage you to alert the Department to any concerns you have about any product you purchase and advise that you do not consume any product on which you observe mold. In cases where you wish to return a product, you may contact the dispensary where you purchased the product to request a refund.


ORIGINAL NOTICE | October 20, 2020 | 7:21 pm

As part of our mission to provide patients with safe, secure, and reliable access to medical marijuana, we are committed to being proactive and transparent in our response to any patient concerns. This weekend our stores began selling four strains of medical marijuana that had passed all lab testing requirements from the DHSS and arrived at our dispensary pre-packaged. After being alerted by a customer to a potential issue with one of those strains of medical marijuana sold at our dispensaries, LSD Flower (Batch ID 1A40CD100000001000000314 and 1A40CD100000001000000309), we voluntarily suspended sales of that product and pulled the remaining inventory from our dispensary. We are actively working with the DHSS on this issue and are awaiting additional lab testing on this previously approved product. We expect to be able to provide additional updates when those tests are complete.

Notice from DHSS

Patient/Caregiver Notice

We have received a complaint about the safety of a particular medical marijuana product purchased this past weekend. The complaint alleges the product, LSD Flower (Batch ID 1A40CD100000001000000314 and 1A40CD100000001000000309), “shows signs of bud rot and white mold.”

The Department has opened an investigation, which is ongoing. The investigation has been greatly aided by our track and trace system, which allowed the Department to quickly place a hold on all remaining product from the relevant batch and to also track this product from cultivation to the patients who purchased it at a dispensary.

Through this system, we have identified you as a patient or caregiver who purchased this product, so we are contacting you to alert you to the possibility that the product you purchased may not be safe for consumption. The relevant product batch passed all required testing prior to sale, however it is undergoing additional testing at this time. We will alert you to the results of our investigation when it is complete, which should be in the next 48 hours.

If you have any unused product, we recommend you wait to consume it until you hear it has been cleared. Initial visual inspection of the remaining product from the relevant batch has not indicated a concern. No adverse reactions have been reported from use of this product, but anyone who thinks they may be experiencing an adverse reaction should seek medical attention and should alert the Department.

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