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Home of Missouri’s 1st Legal Sale of Cannabis!

On October 17, 2020 N’Bliss Cannabis Dispensary opened the doors of its Ellisville and Manchester Missouri Marijuana Dispensary locations to make the first legal sale of medical marijuana in the State. This day, which is now known as “N’Bliss Day” marks the monumental beginning of the medical marijuana industry for the State as we began to fulfill our mission to help individuals find their path to Bliss.

Today, N’Bliss stands at the forefront of the marijuana dispensary industry as an advocate for patients and consumers to access THC products. Our ongoing commitment is to provide the best selection of cannabis products in a welcoming, educational, and secure environment. Each N’Bliss Cannabis Dispensary location is staffed with highly-trained and professional Wellness Specialists to assist patients and consumers with product selections that best match the desired outcome.

As we look to the future of cannabis we vow to tirelessly charge forward to be the gold standard in the industry for service and advocacy.

We welcome you to visit one of our locations and discover YOUR path to Bliss.

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Our partnership with NuggMD

Access to medical cannabis is part of our mission to help patients find their path to bliss. A major focus for us is to make it easy for patients to receive physician approval for medical cannabis from a Missouri-licensed medical professional.

With a focus on ease, professionalism, and legitimacy, we’ve formed a partnership with NuggMD. As one of the nation’s leading telehealth providers, NuggMD has helped over 500,000 patients across the country receive access to cannabis.

Our process is 100% online and can be completed on your own schedule without the need for a preset appointment time.

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